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    Our Vision
    To emerge from the position of domestic leader to leading global player in the Power transmission and
    rubber industry by adopting best practices from planning to execution. MicroBelts is committed to the
    relentlessness pursuit of innovation in compact, energy saving, high precision technologies.
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    Our Mission
    Our Mission is to continuously enhance our products so that
    they are both economical and robust to your needs.
    Wherever new opportunities arise, the company works relentlessly
    to give its customers the most compelling
    experience possible. The one constant? Our founding philosophy:
    offer the customer the best possible service,
    selection, quality and value.
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    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters
    of Industrial Vee Belts, Poly Belts, Cogged Fan Belts and Reinforced Flap Patches for Tyre Industry.
    This widely recognized position has been achieved over years of hard work, innovation,
    commitment to quality and reliable customer service. .
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    The Next Generation Of
    Timing Belts
    Timing Belts are high precision trapezoidal
    toothed belts which are well suited for use
    in positioning applications.


MicroBelts are now also successfully manufacturing various sizes of high precision Timing Belts.

Why Us?


To constantly enhance the Quality and longevity of our products by following best manufacturing practices.


To innovate, design and manufacture cutting edge technology for supply of engineering rubber products by an efficient in house R&D team.

Customer First

Customer First in order To enhance customer experience by delivering quality products in timely manner.


To be Dynamic in our approach in order to be pioneers in our industry by continually upgrading our business model and technical knowhow.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction in order to look for employee’s safety and happiness so that they are satisfied because we know satisfied employees’ delivery great results.

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